Terms & Conditions – P & S 2017

Terms & Conditions – Plastic & Steel 2017

Dear exhibitors,

1.  The Plastic & Steel show is organized by the asbl/vzw IPMS Belgium. It welcomes professionals, collectors and enthusiasts of plastic modelling from all periods. The show takes place in the Bellekouter venue in Affligem.  Stand spaces are available inside the covered venue.

2.  For the 2017 edition, an online booking system is implemented. Reservation is required to guarantee your space and participation. Your registration has to be accepted before you can order a stand, this is for security reasons.

3.  The organization has the right to reject any application and to disqualify any participant and this without justification. Selling food and/or drinks is not allowed. Clubs who want to sell models on their stand will have to order and pay a trade table. If you do not use a full table part of it will be charged on site saturday afternoon.

4.  For stands only, set up is possible on Friday October 13 from 2 till 8 pm, and Saturday October 14 from 7h3.0. am  till 10 am. All stands must be ready before Saturday 10 am. The exhibition and sale of goods cannot begin until Saturday October 14 at 10 am.

5.  There are two possibilities for reservation: either tables (1.80 m long) or per meter (with or without your own material). Free parking is available next to the venue.

6.  For security reasons : access bracelets are mandatory for all exhibitors and stall helper(s), they will be provided upon arrival.

- 2 bracelets per trade stand are included in the price.

- 4 bracelets per club stand.

Additional bracelets can be obtained by sending an e-mail or adding your request to the remarks on your registration form. Only people with a bracelet may access the venue.

No bracelet = No access. (strictly enforced). The people controlling the bracelets will be outsiders so don't expect to be recognized.

7.  The stall rental starts on Saturday 10 am to 6 pm and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. Exhibitors agree to stay on the site until Sunday 5 pm.

8.  Reservation is valid only after receipt of payment and acceptance of the present rules.

No refund of a reservation will be granted unless a valid reason is provided; after October 7 refunds are no longer possible.

9.  Upon arrival at the venue someone will show your stand location. Make sure you do not build your stand on any other place not assigned to you. Please stay within the markings.

10.  Exhibitors are required to comply with Belgian and European laws regarding sales in public spaces and especially the VAT regulations. Each exhibitor must be in compliance with the fiscal law and in particular the tax laws in force in Belgium. The organization cannot be held responsible for the fact that exhibitors are not administratively in order during a possible inspection.

11.  Participants can register for a banquet on Saturday evening. Registrations are possible through the website.

12.  Exhibitors are required to keep the show ground clean and dispose of any litter in trash bags, that they will take with them Sunday evening.

13.  No vehicles are allowed in the venue.

14.  Access to the venue outside the visitors opening hours is restricted to exhibitors wearing a bracelet.

15.  Minors who are not accompanied by an adult are not allowed inside the venue. It is illegal to sell weapons, parts of weapons or knives to minors.

16.  The organization cannot be held responsible for loss, theft and/or damage to the equipment provided on the stands. The organization cannot be held responsible for accidents or injuries during Plastic & Steel.  Any damage caused by a participant or a visitor will be repaired at the expense of the author.

17.  If in case of force majeure, the show has to be cancelled, exhibitors are not entitled to any compensation or refund.

18.  The organizers cannot be held responsible for any infringement to the Belgian law.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke (even electronic cigarettes) in the Bellekouter hall.

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